The images I want to make could be classified as Glamour, Portraiture, Casual Fashion, Swimwear. I would like to explore and experiment with different combinations of setting, wardrobe, pose (nude and non-nude), expression and lighting to achieve outstanding photographs.

Use of Photos
The images will be used for my portfolio and this web site.

Model Qualifications
In general, the following is a list of attributes that would be what I am looking for;

Age Range: 18-30

Body Type: Proportional, Firm, Curvatious

Skin: Smooth complexion

Ethnic Look: All

Make up and Hair: Must be able to do one's own hair and make up. Make up to be supplied by the model.

Wardrobe: Must supply one's own wardrobe.

Skill Level: Open to all skill levels. Must be enthusiastic and a team player.

Geographic Location
I am located in Burtonville MD, USA, and am willing to travel up to an hour to work with qualified models.

Model Release
I require that all models sign a model release allowing me to use the resulting images. Here are model release document in pdf format. 
Adult Model Release , Minor Model Release , Restricted Adult Model Release

Are always welcome to accompany a model to a shoot but provided that he/she is not disruptive to the shoot. If shoot is disrupted, the photo session will be terminated immediately.

I am flexible with the terms of compensation. These terms are negotiable and flexible. There are a few ways that I am willing to compensate qualified models. I am open to "time for prints" arrangements  (6) 9x12 prints.
I would require a photo credit on all images used.

Online application form for Time For Prints (TFPs), Click here

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